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F/S 2jz-ge with rod knock on #6

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Name: Trenton Wright
Price: Make an offer
Location: Franklin, TN
Contact information: PM for cell number or e-mail @ [email protected]

So now that I have my car back and the motor, im selling the motor. It doesnt come with the upper intake or the harness...however I do have them. Im going to try to sell them seperately. It DOES HAVE A ROD KNOCK on #6. The motor did run when it was taken out. it comes with everything shown. Once again it does have a rod knock. I just want to make that clear. The motor can be rebuilt and never overheated or anything. The oil pan is damaged as well. I currently dont have a picture of the damage, but ill get one. Its nothing major, just a chip out of a corner. I had the oil pans swapped for my installation, so I have my old oil pan, but the motor has the oil pan that my new motor came out of. The motor is repairable once again. It did run, never ran hot. Still has good parts! THE MOTOR CAME OUT OF A 5 SPEED 1992 SC300 but doesnt have the flywheel or clutch...so you need to provide that.

Motor is in garage and not exposed to any elements....
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common nothing! Can I please get this out of my garage!
Bump just cause someone with the money needs to get that shit!
haha thanks. really guys all offers will be looked at...ill trade for some rims too!
If I pick up my IS300 tomorrow. I will get this after I come back from florida. I have turbo plans. ANd, this would be nice to get a build going..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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