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f/s or f/t

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Brandon Umbarger
95 Acura Integra GSR- turbo
Asking 11k obo...entertain trades
Manchester, TN.

fully built integra gsr...have every receipt. I can email more pics if needed..

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explain "fully built" for the people here....and show pics of "fully built parts"

that will make things easier.

to start with... edelbrock victor x intake manifold, greddy profec b turbo timer, tial 38mm w/g, apexi bov, eagle rods...so much more will have more detailed info later this afternoon
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since this is my friends old car i remember mostly whats done to it.

2.0 sleeved gsr
i can't remember what pistons
eagle rods
arp bolts all the way around
p&p head, 3angle valve job, itr cams
i think 550cc injectors
255 fuel pump
has a bigger throttle body, can't remember what size atm
as you saw the edelbrock intake manifold
some shitty ass ebay exhaust manifold
garrett turbo (can't remember the size atm)

i know I'm leaving a lot of stuff out, but thats off the top of my head and all i can remember this early in the morning
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What was the reason for selling? Looks like this car could be a fun car
not tryin to ruin your thread. but you told my friend YESTERDAY 9k lol
300zx TT?! mint all original power everything an have every recipet since bought.
i dont see a price?

or is it just trades?

either way i want the wheels
it says askin 11k. but he told my friend 9k yesterday i believe. just dont want tennspeed to get ripped
free bump because you live beside me, but colt check your pm's right meow!
LiveLife2ItsFullest said:
it says askin 11k. but he told my friend 9k yesterday i believe. just dont want tennspeed to get ripped
Man stfu.... don't mess this guys thread up. It don't matter how much he told anyone. He puts a high price so people can talk him down.
Did u finally get an LSD in this thing?
arias 9.5.1 comp pistons cwin. this is my old car i flew to new jersey last year to pick it up and drove it home. i dont know the condition of the car now but its in huge need of a new turbo manifold. Should still be on 14lbs, it made 354whp and 274 ft lbs on 14psi and 93 octane. fully adjustable suspension, skunk2 upper a arms, etc etc. the turbo has a .54 ar, im unsure on the exhaust.. the papers on the turbo and the complete build is in the stack of papers. glwts
thank you projectflatline... i put it higher for the same reason as said. IT DOES SAY 11k OBO!!! I am open to trades and will sell outright. I am in no hurry to sell so please dont lowball me offers and ruin my thread not mention names....No lsd yet just havent taken time to get one in. White95hatch I am selling because I would like a car with more room. I love my honda's and my tegg's but at this point in time i need a bigger vehicle and yes its a VERY VERY VERY fun car to drive and is very sure to turn heads.
Daniel15mtsu said:
i want the wheels
I may be getting another set tomorrow... I will let you know
14lbs on darton sleeves....

what a waste this should make 500+ w/ a 30r or 35r
hasnt been dyno'd since turned up was on 7 when the 354 was posted
someone throw some trades my way...
get the other set of wheels?
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