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Name: Roger Insyxiengmay
Item and description (pics included): Turbo D manifold,wastegate,turbo?Pioneer monitor
Price:550 for turbo d,300 for pioneer....Firm
Contact information:pM,615-962-4841 call/txt

Have some stuff just laying around so here goes....
...first up is Parts to start up your D-series turbo kit. Everthing is sold as a package and will not part out.
D-series log manifold( Not a name brand nor is it a cheap ebay manifold, welds look good and held up just fine when i personlly used it)
Tial Wastegate( 38mm i believe, not sure what pound spring is in it)
Brand New ebay t3/t4 .50

Only mani/wastegate pic i have is from my setup a year ago.Manifold,wastegate is at a friends so i can't get current pics. excuse the dirty bay :D

Up next Pioneer cd indash monitor. Model number: avx-p7000cd. Brought it from a friend and never used it. includes all cables and brain.

(box with all cable and the brain)

I am not in a hurry to sell these things because theyre both something i could use in the future so lowballers keep opinions and offers to yourself.

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and somewhere around here..i think i have a brand new 5 bolt downpipe flange and wastegate flange. piping that is intended to be made for a new dumptube and another section of piping for a downpipe..just have to find all that stuff

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not sure but i dont see why not. i never test fitted a compressor on it but i think itll fit. and since whomever buys it will need to get a downpipe made..everything will be custom to fit..so i dont see why not.

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spoolie said:
does the in dash have the gps shit on it??
dont think so. its pretty old school

General AVX-P7000CD
Amplifier MCD, TV, DVD, DAB Tuner
Equaliser MCD, TV, DVD, DAB Tuner
CD Player Yes
Source Control MCD, TV, DVD, DAB Tuner
Control MCD, TV, DVD, DAB Tuner
Voice Guidance MCD, TV, DVD, DAB Tuner
Display type Wide Screen LCD Colour Display with built-In CD Player
Display size 7,0 Inch
Screen Coating High quality anti-glare coating
Installation possibilities In-Dash
Fully motorised display with auto dimmer Yes
Front panel Partially detachable front panel with warning LED
Selectable wide screen modes Yes
Dual Button illumination Yes
Including seperate speaker Yes
D/A Convertor 1
Connections AVX-P7000CD
AV Bus Input Yes
PAL/NTSC/SECAM compatible RGB input Yes
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