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f/t 1993 del sol h22

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location: Portland
name:josh hager
contact;615-880-0302 OR PM ME

i have a h22 del sol for trade the car runs real good but is runin on a d15 ecu witch sucks but other than that is in good shape the body is awsome it is missin some interior pices and the glove box is missin all h22 tranny and all its on steeles no ac or carpet or
ps other than that everything else works here r the pics


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would u trade for a 91 crx wit a b16a swap an s1 tranny hasport motor mount dc sport headers unkown springs an shocks weapon r seats an racin harrness an a spyder se wide body kit
trade for a del sol b16 runing good
how much would you sell it for?
im responding for him, Only Mex, send him pics, spoons send pics, 4x4 send him a cash offer, didnt say anything about the crx got boost, so i dont think he's interested
unless he switched ecus it should have kenji chip and tune on it
trade for DA?
he traded for ds integra today... SO david he wants to know if you would close this thread. DELETE?
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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