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Sooo got bored on my day off yesterday soo i painted my BBS's.....
Tell me what ya think :thumbup:
Sorry for the shity pic's cell phone cam and rain dont mix.........


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pattywak said:
Shit son that's a hella good job you did there. How did you do that?
the lip has to be ploished first then u buy anodized paint not hard at all. if anyone is interested i paint wheels for the right price ill do a showcase of some wheels im about to do now. white with anodized purple lip

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I think they suck!!! LMAO :thumbup:

jk!! They look good for a bored day off...shoulda came and got those damn corners and shift knob from me, they are taking up WAY to much room nukka!!

Should do the blue lip and get that blue harness bar in the classifieds...
1 - 20 of 36 Posts
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