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Brad Owens

Just trying to get a feeler for my rims. They are ASA AR2 18X7.5s on 225/40/18 Kumho ASX's. They have about 50% tread left. The rims are slightly curbed but I am going to have them fixed at Hubcap Annie's.

Like I said...I am just trying to get a feel and put them out there. They were $199 a piece new for the rims and $84 a tire new. Shoot me a PM or post up if your interested.

I am located in Nashville, TN during breaks, winter, and summer. Besides that I am in Charlotte, NC.

You can PM me here and if your interested I can give you my number. Like I said...this is a feeler...I may not be selling them yet especially since I haven't decided on anything yet.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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