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Finally dug my pictures out from dubai....

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Keep in mind these came off the iphone. My luggage was delayed and lost for like 2 weeks so no big boy camera

till the near end. these are combined from the last 2 years...I gotta find my other external HDD.....

my favorite

The good stuff teaser

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Very nice cars :)
Wow..... These cars are pretty.
StacyNHVL said:
Wow..... These cars are pretty.
why don't you jack his thread with one of your pics :lol:
And did I mention I LOVE Ferraris? That is badass. haha
BigWill3855NWH said:
Nice cars, i would kill that cat though!

Me too i would turn him into a hood orienament
i had a cat that would get on ym car every damn day ugh it was so annoying
with nasty prints..
jabboss1 said:
StacyNHVL said:
Wow..... These cars are pretty.
why don't you jack his thread with one of your pics :lol:

Of me or my car? Neither compare. Saddest face, ever. haha
One of the rich big wigs is donating a Veyron to Jun to break the 500KMH

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BigWill3855NWH said:
I think ill go buy me a chrome Ferrari.
I'd than be your best friend. hahaha
AutoLuxuryGTR said:

OH... MY... GOD... F***ING AWESOME!!!!!!! :shock: :thumbup: :thumbup: most baller car ever!!!
Sent this car to Dubai in Nov. Mohammed at UAETuning got a hold of it
Did an ugly Two Tone on it and installed a remote turbo system.
He just finished it and sent me the pics. Motor is fully built and it
put down 553 at 10psi....its laggy but he is downgrading to a smaller turbo
to increase spool as his hp goal was no more than 500.......

Took him long enough. the pics are shitty but more hi res coming soon...

Wow a turbo LS430 Ultra luxury that started life at CoolSprings Lexus...

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wow...after seeing all these cars, you should check my undies. fo sho! haha
how about this veyron that was left at port in Dubai for 6 months as the owner was too busy to come pick it up.
He didn't even bother to have it stored inside. the sand and rain and wind beat on it. for a while

Rich people....

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^^Does it say, "I want Amir" on the hood? hahaha
Yes it does. LOL! Funny part is the keys are in it and the battery is dead....

Otherwise i would have driven it.....
wow some rich ass mofos over there. cool pics.
How to do a landcruiser lol!

No its not in park lol

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