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First time doing this. Thoughts please....?

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Took me about 3 hrs to complete. Thoughts please...?


Sky used

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Very very very sick!! One thing you might have left out was under the car on the darkening?
:thumbup: but it does seem like it is lighter under the car...IDK
Your original is better IMO. The sky is just a little too intense.
Well, I was going for that more dramatic look.
damn fine work sir :beer:

never seen that done before...
i love that pic
Looks good, just a faint halo around the car, but for the first time dropping in a sky, great job.
Looks good, What program does everyone use to edit there photo's?
:thumbup: good job for ur first time, i need to start learning this shit.
i love dropped in skies
shit looks badass.

even tho when i post up dark pics everyone say's the suck.
but i love dark pics.lol
I like it, but like they're saying, under the car needs to be darkened a bit more
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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