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venom_5 said:
because its a supra ... there would be enough nutswinging on the drive up to fill a 50 gal drum of race gas
Heh. Some moron was talking crap, that was beside me while I took shots, cause donth8 couldn't do a burnout for the first few runs.

I guess we are all john force our first time out on the track with a 900+ hp car.

But that glorious last run had a sweet burnout i must say. :p Get those fenders rolled so you can run some real slicks ryan!

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Why are we bumping 2 yr old threads...
Hello all,

The Admins and 1 of the moderators have decided to update the forum rules to make the site a more enjoyable place to be.

1st. Off topic posts in any other threads than "trash talk" and "off topic" will be deleted and a 24 hr ban will be placed. If you have a smart ass comment to make PM the person or make a new thread in "trash talk".

2nd. No thread bumping allowed any more in any thread...period.

3rd. When you Marketplace ad sells, PM a mod to close immediately.

4th. To sell in the Marketplace section will be modified temporarily to 90 days until we figure out a fee system to become a site benefactor to buy/sell/trade in the near future.
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