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Flashes, triggers, off shoe cord, and batt grip

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Alright ive set my mind on upgrading, selling my first lighting setup, great setup to start with!

1 Canon 430ex flash
2 Sunpak super 383 flashes
1 Cactus v2s wireless transmitter
4 Cactus v2s wireless recievers

All flashes work and look like new. 2 of the recievers have no back plate on them, but i have never had a problem out of them.

I'll take $375. for the kit. i would like to keep it together and not part it out.

Next up i have a Canon off shoe camera cord. Brand new, used once.


Canon battery grip (bg-e2) like new, only has the AA battery sled.

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Ugh, I hate being broke
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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