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Ford help...damn these things...

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Yea so my brother's/father's '99 Mercury Mountaineer is FREAKING THE FUCK OUT!!! Its got the 5.0 v8 2wd. And when you put the key in the ignition the car FLIPS OUT. And by that I mean all the fucking lights in the dash start flashing and you can hear relays and shit clicking in the dash and the windows all start to roll up and down. All the wipers start wiping. Lights are flashing. Your probably asking why I included it was 2wd. Well one light on the dash start flashing saying "4wd Low". So yea its really fucked up...anybody have some info on this? Its really funny but at the same time very cereal. Any input is greatly appreciated :sadwavey:
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the last time i saw a ford going haywire when the ignition was input, it was a faulty battery terminal connection. you can check that or if the ignition key cylinder is hanging between 2 positions, it might freak out as well...
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