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Forgivness or permission

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Is it better to ask for forgivness or permission?
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keep it coming
BeerGutBandito said:
This ***** sounds unforgivable lol...
The real question should be is what are you fixin to do?
spend alot of money
jabboss1 said:
spend alot of money
On her or for you? Lol
both for tv for her car and new subs for mine
Then she shouldn't complain too bad lol
she is an accountant/planner for cracker barrel= TIGHTASS
Oh well then I hope you know how to work it in the bed man! :p lol butter her up man give some good lovin haha
I have three kids I know how to work \it >>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>
Lol then start workin it son! Lol
jabboss1 said:
Is it better to ask for forgivness or permission?
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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