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Can anyone give me an approximate time as to when the forum began acting up, and who was online if possible? I'm on the forum from a laptop and Spoolie's and not sure what happened, not at my home computer, and not really sure whats going on.

Power is about to die so I'll be fixing this shortly no worries, just need any information from you guys if possible.
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maybe like 10 minutes ago?
it happened as soon as i called ur cell
about 5-10 mins ago

not sure who was on
havent had problems, been on for an hour...
just noticed about 10 minutes ago
now the moderator corner is completely gone
i blame john
I had a bunch of tabs opened up and was doing about 30 different things at once but I just noticed here recently. I was pissed thinking my tuning page got deleted by someone that didnt read that you ok'd it but hopefully its just some glitch,
venom_5 said:
i blame john
Im at his house right now talking to his wife. He is asleep.
i blame the ***** pocket midget
I closed the moderator corner off so nobody can access it.
oh well.. idk but the mods coner was up to where anyone could look and the classifieds are gone
well open the classified so i can buy those lug nuts lol.......just messing take ur time i know ur tryin to hurry
delete phpBB ftw?
Actually, before the posts went up about it, I had a problem accessing one thread like 10 mins before. It said it didn't exist, went back, and it was fine.
Not right now. This is really akward.... I can't really figure anything out at the moment. I'm not on my computer. Give it time Ill get it taken care of I'm about to drive to Houston soon...
1 - 20 of 42 Posts
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