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so as it says my cat had 5 kittens.
they are like 4 weeks old..not quite ready to leave yet but soon.....
im just trying to find good homes for them.
let me know if you want one.....2 black ones 3 caliaco(sp)
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these are my babies. grrr i hate when i see "free kittens" i wish i could take them all :(
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pics tomorrow.
camera is in car, said kittens are asleep in my sisters bed, lol.

picture this.....my sisters dirty ass room.....clothes books and hair shit all over the floor....her bed.....covers all kinds of fucked up......her wrapped up in them cause she sleeps like a junkie....and 5 kittens hidden in kitten sleepy places!!!!
totally a junkie room!!!!
airmail to Canada?
born n' raised.
cool...i go there alot to the fallz
So you have a solid black male cat? I may be interested if i can talk the girlfriend into it since her car is attention whore. Let me know. Thanks

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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