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Name: Kristina
Contact: 615-509-7005
Price: 4,000 no trades(see below)
Location: Smyrna/Mt. Juliet
What: 94 Lt1 Z28 Auto
Whats the story: OK the story behind this is that this car belongs to a good friend of mine and he left today for the air force. He had the car for sale locally but was not pushing it cause he wanted to keep it until he left. Now that he is gone he wants it sold and his mom and g/f are working on that. I figured it would have good luck on tennspeed and it would make someone an AMAZING weekend car or a good DD if you have the money to keep gas in it. Im not 100% sure on all the mods but i do know he has recipts and his dad will be able to explain them fully. This car has been around a while and im sure there are alot of cars that can vouch for how quick it is. Not to mention it sounds SICK AS HELL

The good: 310whp w/ dyno sheets 380hp at the crank, built Automatic, shifts fast as hell, full exhaust,head work, upgraded fuel injectors etc etc I belive the best time i saw it run was 8.5 1/8th Call for all the specs

The bad: small spot on front bumper where someone backed a hitch into it. No head liner


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o dude i know. I dunno what years it is but i know a couple ppl with z28's with the same spoiler
I think its the RS spoiler :-? IDK
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