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fs:2000 honda civic

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Price:5000obo or trades
Contact information: pm or thread, but i prefer text, because im not at the computer much. 615-962-3054

i'm putting my 2000 civic hx for sell again. its got a rebuilt title, but runs fine, has never given me any problems since ive had it in july, and i just changed the oil. it has 120xxx miles with a d16y5 motor. its silver with a black front end thats ready for paint. being its an 8 year old car, it does have some small dings on the car, but its in pretty good shape. id give the exterior about a 7/10. the interior of the car is in almost perfect. id say a 9/10, only because the shifter was messed up when i got it, so ive got a screwdriver for a shifter. its different though lol. also, theres a piece by the door panel thats missing. i have it, but its bent a little bit, nothing big. now for the details. its lowered on ebay coilovers right now, but the pictures show it lowered on springs, so you get both. it rides better on the springs though. it has 5% tint that looks good on the car. the car no longer has the front lip because it was too low after i lowered it. it also no longer has the halos. ive got ek9 replica black housing lights with 8k hids that look great. it has MINT polished meshies that are amazing with almost brand new dunlop tires. i stay having people asking about them. it also has light blue work lugnuts that come on the car, but theyre not shown in the pictures. the grill is a civic type r replica grill thats now painted flat black to match the front end. it has a stock radio that works fine, and aftermarket pioneer speakers that sound great. as of right now, the car needs a new axle seal. its needed one since i first got it, so the transmission isnt full with fluid. but still works fine. just loud. not much to get it fixed though. the price is 5000 obo. thats about it on the car. my numbers 615-962-3054. you can call or text, but i prefer text. if you call and i dont answer, leave a voicemail. thanks.

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lemme get that lip nig... since you to low now
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