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Fs-2006 acura rsx

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For sale is a 2006 RSX base. Has leather(as i think they all do), all power options, sunroof, the works. Motor runs very strong. Only 20k miles. Transmission shifts fine. No grinds no issues. Exterior is pretty clean. Has a few scratches and small door dings but nothing major. Paint still looks fantastic. Interior is in perfect shape. No tears in leather or anything of that nature.Windshield has a tiny crack/chip, but will more than likely be fixed in the next week. Oil has been Mobil 1 Synthetic since I got it. Have a kid now and really just am tired of the payments. Possibly willing to trade for a car with a cheaper note. Really want a clean ef or 4 door civic. Just let me know what you have and we'll figure it out.

Price is 15,800OBO. If you dont like it, I dont give a shit. I dont care if you can get a Type-S cheaper. Can you get one with this few miles for the same price..more than likely no. And if you can, go buy it. Car is worth the money. I'm losing money as is, but at this point I dont care. You can contact me by pm and I can shoot you my number. My name is Andrew. If you have any questions, dont hesitate to ask.


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