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FS: 240SX SE shell CHEAP

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Up for grabs is my friend's S13 240SX shell. The first person with 500 cash takes it. Everything power works on the car windows, mirrors, sunroof, etc. The body is an easy 8.5/10. Only issue with the exterior is the driver's door is a little bent around the edge of it from where someone tried to break in once. The interior is in excellent shape, just has the clasic S13 cracked dash a little bit. The KA24 motor and tranny is still in there, but does not run. He replaced the injectors in the car thinking that would fix the issue. It did for a few days, and then just died again. It comes as a complete car. The title for the car is clean. The owner's name is Anthony you can reach him at 615-663-7571. If he doesnt answer just leave a voicemail or a text for him. The color of the car is the factory silver color in case you were wondering and its a hatchback. SORRY I DONT HAVE PIC RIGHT THIS SECOND, but I will soon I have to get them from him!
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where the car located? if its close ill be all over it!
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