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FS 92 4dr sold

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location- springfield
price- 1500 obo
title- is good and clean
rate- 7

my friend is selling this civic it was is dd but now he got a coupe so it is up for sell

engine- d15b vtec
tranny- ex
clutch- excedy stage 2
flywheel- light wieght purple one not sure of the brand
header- ebay 4-2-1
exaust- cheapo can on stock pipe
headlights- denji
rims- konigs but if you look close two are the same and the other two are the same but are slightly different

the good- relieable dd good on gas has some mods
the bad- seat is torn alittle, throws cel for o2 due to the 4 wire o2 on the vx ecu, tach light doesn't come on all the time, couple cig burns, back door handle doesn't work. three small rips in head liner, couple pings in the body, no ac belt and needs to be charged. no cruise controll

this is all we can think of about it 615-594-4762 ask for brian

price drop 1200
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is that a vtec light in the middle of the dash, Man pimpin dont put you fingers on my glass.
i think what you see is the fog light switch but there is a vtec light on the gauge cluster
bump i know someone wants this
plus sell pending unless someone buys it first
Hmm. When was the timing belt etc... last replaced?
when he put the motor in a year ago
i've seen the car in person. it's a pretty good deal
skunk2boy said:
needs a lot of work.
to make mint yes it's a 92 pretty much all of them need love unless someone else has already done it, then the price would be more than it is. but to drive
daily no work is needed it is a daily now
just talked to him and he said drop it to 1200
someone buy this
Trade...you know what I got FNEG, talk to him for me and send me a PM
sold to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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