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fs: 92 eg hatch

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posting this for a friend, so this will be HIS contact info
if you have any questions call him first, and ill answer what i can about the car on here

Name: Poe
Item and description: 92 si eg hatch
Price: 6000 with the wheels, 5500 without the wheels
Location: Manchester
Contact information: 247-4260 (call or text him later in the afternoon)

92 civic si hatch...
-knockoff slipstream wheels with brand new tires
-spoon style mirrors
-jdm headlights with city lights installed
-depo jdm yellow foglights
-jdm console
-jdm white face gauges
-skunk2 shift knob
-red and black del sol seats

-b18a1 block bored .
5 over
5mm pr3 b16 pistons
-ARP head studs, main bolts, and rod bolts
-new water pump, oil pump, and timing belt
-2 layer headgasket yielding 12.33:1 compression aprox.

-97 ITR head
-Toda dual valvesprings
-Ferrera retainers
-itr cams
-skunk2 pro series stage 2 cams also if anyone is interested in those as well
-gold buddy club cam gears (not installed)
-skunk2 pro series intake manifold
-Fujita 3inch one piece cold air intake
-hytech replica big tube header
-apexi world sport exhaust (no cat)
-dual oil catch can setup with vented valve cover
-fidanza 7lb flywheel
-exedy stage one clutch
-b16 transmission (slight 3rd gear grind)
-new Autozone axles
-unknown aftermarket coilovers and struts
-chipped and tuned p28 using hondata s100
-aem fuel rail
-walbro 255 fuel pump (not installed)
-rc 440 injectors (not installed)
-blox FPR (not installed)

Needs a new drivers side fender where he got angry and leg dropped it and few days ago ( i don't have any pictures of the fender, but if you call him he will send you some)

also i do have the dyno graph from his old set up if wanted.
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spoolie said:
how can you rock knockoff...knockoffs???? thats fucking gay...fake rotas???
lol i would, but he hasn't made an account to join the freak show!
haha yeah...

ANYWAYS bump this shit people!!!
trade for a 300zx? gosh im really sick of it..i want something different.
all trades should be txt'd to him or call him. i honestly don't know what he would trade for.
bump, I got a b16 EK hatch... trade for my 99 hatch with swap...

saw it today at IA
trade for a 4door integra with a ls/vtec?

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propz yo
very nice
wtf is low life racing?? in smyrna?? WTF
^i've never heard of it. lol
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