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FS: 93 Honda Civic Hatch Shell

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Sorry to tell everyone, but the hatch is SOLD.

Thanks to everyone's kind words, support and encouragement.

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Part out or straight up selling the shell?
Part out or straight up selling the shell?
Selling the complete shell. Not parting out. If I had money, I would put a B18 swap and Integra Disc Brake conversion front and rear.
if i had the money and time ill buy it....

these cars and getting harder to find..

just put the gsr in it and sell it for 6k....
if i had the money and time ill buy it....

these cars and getting harder to find..

just put the gsr in it and sell it for 6k....
The kids in here and all the other kids that have been emailing me do not realize this. These cars are very popular and as time goes by, it is harder and harder to find these cars in good shape. If I can get enough money to put a gsr in it, that is the plan, if not, I will have to settle for a LS.
Dont forget about somebody....;)
I haven't forgot. The kid I was going to build it for, doesn't have enough money. So I'm gonna build it for myself and then probably sell it. But I need to get some money together first.
kris i cleaned all the crap out...good luck
kris i cleaned all the crap out...good luck
Thanks. We should meet up sometime this week. If you need any help with the build, just let me know.

And $1000, no sorry.

$1400 OBO. GSR seats are NOT included. The stock CIVIC seats will come with the car.
i got a 92 prelude with perfect interior and a motor in it for 500
you need to drop the price or no one will ever buy this
are u crazy that is super high for that shell i gave less than that for my running hatch
i paid 200 on mine lol but then again it need alot when i got it
So does this one. I wouldn't ask 1400 for my shell not to be an asshole, but dude is right that's too high. Why is everyone trying to bust heads on Honda's? 6k for a 15 yr old civic with a GSR?! Ya'll are crazy, man sorry. I would jump on that $1000 offer while it's there. Not trying to bash ur thread or anything just putting my word in. GL with the sale bro.
way to much.no side molding, fading paint,and hope it has back seats i got a grand lmk
Kids, if you want to give your stuff away, you are more than welcome to give stuff away. I understand most of you are broke and need money asap, so that is ok to drop your price to try and get a quick sell. But do you realize, when you drop your price so low, it just makes people think, "what kind of piece of shit am I really buying?" Now if you have something good for sale, and know it is good, then ask what it is worth, not how much money you need. You people have so much to learn in the business world.

1. Hatch > Prelude (they suck and aren't worth anything)
2. A good clean and STRAIGHT hatch that has not been wrecked is becoming harder and harder to find.

*Again, this is a FOR SALE Thread, NOT an opinion thread. I don't care what you kids want to post saying my price is too, high. No, my price is too high for all of you complaining.

Everything I sell is worth it, and that is why everyone that I have sold stuff to, will vouch for me and everything I sell. I don't sell shit. I am not hiding anything. I do not trade, because trading is for people that cannot sell whatever they are trading because something is wrong with it and it is usually a piece of shit about to break down.

Cars of mine that I have sold:
- 1992 Integra GS-R for $6500
- 2000 Integra GS-R for $9000.
- 1994 Integra GS-R for $3800 (only time I've dropped the price because I really needed money).
- 1998 Integra GS for $5800
- 1995 Honda Civic Coupe for $2000
- 1987 Integra RS for $1200

Hell, I even sold my wife's 2 vehicles that she had before me.
- 2000 Suzuki Esteem for $4000
- 1998 Nissan Frontier for $5800

I've sold and delivered 3 of my GS-R Transmissions for $550 + delivery fee. I've sold my B16 and B18c1 longblocks ($900 & $1100), 2 sets of S2000 wheels & tires, USED STRUP/DC Sports 4-1 Header for $220, and ton of other parts. And every time I sell, everyone says my price is too high. But guess what??? I sell it EVERY TIME!!

If people would only do their research when selling stuff, they would know what they have and what it is worth. It is not my problem, nor do I care if people want to sell their stuff for less that what it is worth.

I appreciate everyone's advice and 2 cents. It means nothing to me. So again, thank you very much for your bump.
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z0mgz??!?! is the body damage included?!?!

This thread can be deleted.
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