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FS: B16 Eagle Rods.

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Name: Justin H.
Location: Hermitage
Contact: In thread or PM.
Price: 75 bucks.
Ive got some b16 eagle rods i got in an attempt to put together a motor but that idea didnt last long. They are in used condition, I was told they had 15k Miles on them but sat around til i bought them. They could use a cleaning but other wise great condition.

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i might buy em..
gotta see if i get a block first
Just let me know they arent going anywhere any time soon.
ill get at ya when i find somethin out
i might buy them if you have them in a couple days
i might get em today if ure available..
call or text me 6156929403 if u wanna meet up or something
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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