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FS: b16a Head/intake/tb/fuel rail and p28 OBO

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Name: Matt Hughes
Location: Cadiz, KY
Contact: Reply, PM, or call/text 270-985-3020
Price: 500 obo

B16A head and virgin p28. Came off an engine that was running and driving, owner had another head that he built while he ran this one. Approx. 70k on head. Includes everything on the inside (cams, valves, springs, retainers, etc...) Head is super clean, taken apart and cleaned up within the last 15k.

Head and everything inside of it
throttle body
intake mani
fuel rail, no injectors

Does not include any sensors, solenoids, injectors, or valve cover

P28 is untouched. so not much to say about it, other than its an untouched p28.
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350 come and get it, 400 ill meet you in nashville somewhere. if someone buys just the head then im keeping the ECU
well dang.. id rather get the block first.. but idk.. what did that head come off?. a? a2?
if you want a 90% complete built bottom end LS/vtec set up, i can fix you right up. LS block, eagle rods, srp 9:1 pistons, bored to 81.5mm, new oem bearings, new gsr oil pump...competition clutch stage 4...ls hydro tranny...and the odds and ends to complete the head and put it on the block. All new. no miles on clutch, no miles on block. 2500 bones and your ready to rock...might be able to find some 12:1 or 12.5:1 pistons if you wanna go that route, just gotta look.
well i wasnt really plannin on that cuz i heard it was hard to get an lsvtec run right but.. how much u wantin for some of that.. i already got rods lol..
block is already assembled. ls/vtec + research and knowhow = ftw. just do the research, its simple. put a little work in the top end and run high compression pistons and see 200+ all motor. Another option..we have an LS head if you wanted to do an LS on boost. 2000 for the full swap there.
story of my life..welp, buy the head then. lol
its a thought man.. just kinda poor right now lol.. i could have 350 in like 2 weeks.. maybe 3
keep postd..may still be here
willing to part out the p28???
i dont want to..but PM me an offer. and dont get mad if i say no..ill need it eventually
daegg said:
willing to part out the p28???
:lol: :lol: :thumbup:
PM me with offers on the p28
hey the ecu is it an ob2 or 1? trade u a chipped out p72 ob1 for the virgin p28? lol
p28 = obd1

and no, lol
BUMP...kinda need/want this gone! and how bout them p28 offers?
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