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Name : Matt
Location : Goodlettsville
Contact: PM or thread
Please PM me, Want to keep thread clean, Thanks. I doubt I will accept trades as I am trying to get out of my car loan. Only possible would be a PS3..

1) Almost complete black DA interior. Only thing missing is seats!!!

Paid over 500 for everything, trying to clean my apartment of parts I wont be using anymore.

Looking for 250 for it all! Trying to stay some what local please!

Little rip on pass door panel

2) Type R Cluster. $125 obo(plus shipping if need be)

3) Motor stand - 25 bucks. Used for a few months to hold my k24 block. Almost new!! Pictures soon.

4) b17 block, Complete. Unsure of miles. I think oil pan drain bolt needs to be retapped. BEST OFFER! Pictures soon.

Will be updating with more items as I take more pics
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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