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Fs/ft 7"double din in dash tv

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Contact me pm
location rivergate
price $400 obo

like it says 7" double din in dash tv dvd mp3 touch screen monkey audio 2 months old need cash im poor lol


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Sorry but your price is way to high. Here is a link to what they sold for new.

BTW monkey video only made a 6.5 inch double din.
I don't care if you are asking $1000000 for the thing. I just don't want anyone to get screwed. It is a 6.5" not a 7".
put a reasonable price and it may sale. It is hard enough to sale used stereo equipment but you are asking more for it used than a brand new one costs.
They are sold out but he is asking more than a new one. Trash talk all you want, that shows your intelligence level.
1 - 5 of 28 Posts
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