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Name Ronald
Item and description (pics included) 91 Civic Si, B16 swap, Da integra tranny
Price 2500 but id prefer a trade for a good running dd (UPDATE 10/23 im doing cash discounts so send me offers)
Location Antioch
Contact information call or text 615-668-2261 or pm me here

First off let me clarify that this car is by no means complete.... my intention is to trade this car for a reliable dd (must be 5speed) or sell it in order to purchase one. The car has roughly 220xxx miles on it, b16 swap, tein spings on stock shocks,hasport motor mounts, 99 percent complete interior.

the bad is that the b16 has an oil leak from under the intake mani, tranny has normal honda grinds, rip on drivers seat, hood is in shit condition, needs paint, little to no body work needed though, drivers windows doesnt roll down, have only three rota circuit 8s, one was cracked beyond repair.

with that being said there are other small things that i dont remember now, but the car is a nice platform to start with if you want to build a sweet ef9.... im looking for a dd, something 5 speed of course, looks arent very important as long as its mechanically sound, shooting for a 240 or da integra or ej civic... but am open to anything, just let me know what you got


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haha, cochrans old ef! used to be called "bumblebee tuna" because of its fart can. what happened to all the pink?
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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