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FS: Jose's stuff -Honda/DSM/Turbo/Other-

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Name: Jose Jr

Item and description: See below

Price: They are listed with each item below

Location: Spring Hill, TN. Soon to be working in Brentwood. Willing to meet up or ship also!

Contact information: Post here or Pm me


Hey guys, I have a few things for sale that I'd like to get rid of.


2G OBD0 PR4 5speed Virgin ECU. Perfect working order $60
Pics coming soon

2G Integra rear door handles from a 4dr. Painted New Grand Prix white, Never used or anything. $40 obo

B18B OBDII Intake manifold, Looks awesome and comes with TPS and cruise controle throttle part... $40

Random Throttle body... Has TPS $20

S3506 Oil filter $5

Honda B18 A or B. Stock non v-tec, Sry about the surface rust it drizzled right befor the pics... $10

1990 acura Integra stock Springs -All 4- $40

90 Acura Integra Factory Palmy blue Dash/cetner console In awesome cond. $20
Pics coming soon

90 Acura Integra seats Driver/Pass
Pics coming soon

I have a few other things I'll add tomm.


3" 3wire GM maf with screen. I actually have two of these, both with screens, actual ones in pic below $30 each

97 GSX A/C Compressor perfect working order when taken off. Was going to use on my 95 GSX but not the same $60
The Bottom one that says NEW

4G63T 95 GSX Valve cover with crack, tried to fix with JB weld $5

Stock 4G63T 95 GSX Upper charge pipe with bov flange $10


Huge nice ass telescope... -Jason- I saw Saturn and it's moons with this baby, and that was priceless! $50

Knock-off or HKS??? Not sure.. Never used it because I need to recirculate my bov.. BOV $40

Two yellow Fog lights, New Never used!!! $20

(2) 12" MTX Audio Subs in a true Sealed box (I took out the speakers and culked the corners within the box. Made it sound 10x Better! $100

I have more stuff I will add tomm.

Thanks! Please Bump if you look!
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10 view and no bumps, thanks alot guys. :p

Anyway, I'll try and get the rest of the pics up tomm!
i'll bump for the 'priceless' comment on the for sale telescope..lol
lol. Might sound stupid but its really Crazy when you see it with your own eyes, in your front yard.
More awesome than looking at pics or watching videos on tv...
Added a 2G obd0 pr4 virgin ecu 5spd!
you could use the hks on your car
I want the HKS BOV, u looking for any trades? Like a N64 with a shit load of games?
I might want the subs, do you have an amp to go with them?
Sry not looking for trades really, Just need the money for something asap.

I have an amp, but its from Walmart... It works and hits so I'll throw that in for free too!
Looked at the amp today, 200W 2ch
Said VR4 on it im pretty sure, not much but itll make bass... lol
I still have all this stuff for sale!

Don't be afraid to make me an offer on it all!!!!!!!!!!!
I also have a B16A water inlet, where it comes out of the block for the upper radiator hose.
free bump for you... i woulda bought those cams a while back.
Gst23 said:
Do you have the flange for the bov?
2g's dont use flanges. the plastic bov just gets clamped right on to the charge pipe. other than the rubber insert that goes in the pipe, there arent any other components.
He means th flange for the HKS BOV. you'll need the piping with the flange welded on. I dont have that.
Jose-Aka-Pedro said:
He means th flange for the HKS BOV. you'll need the piping with the flange welded on. I dont have that.
if you still have the bov on friday, pm me. Ill buy it from you
Okay thanks. Well if) doesnKt get if message me. And one last thing. Those yellow fog lights are those the lights for a 97-99 on the front side of the bumper.
The yellow fogs are universal fitment. You buy em in stores.
I got an email today saying someone wanted to buy it today, so that makes 3 people who want it.
lol auction? jk
The guy who emailed me doesn't want the bov.
So its up to you two... someone PM and let me know who wants to buy it.

Let me know!


Also, telescope pending!
1 - 20 of 37 Posts
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