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CWest Rear Bumper for 94-01 Integra these are the best pics i have, currently it needs to be cleaned up and buff and wax, but other than that its just been sitting in the closet here for a while. It was molded up for near perfect fitment. Paid a lot for it after paint and custom molding but I'm Officially tired of it sitting around here!
$70 obo

Intake manifold for 2nd gen Mr2, USDM sandblasted and ready for paint, pics upon request since i doubt many people around here even have an Mr2
$35 obo

Throttle Body for a 3rd gen(i was told it was a 3rd gen when i bought the car) it was used on my 2nd gen and it worked great for a while but i went a different route. same with the TB, pics upon request
$40 obo
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