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I am posting this information for a friend. So please direct any questions to the contact information listed below:

Sadly I wrecked my s13 and need money for a new car, beacuse I don't have the time to work on it.

192,xxx miles
Rota Rims
Tanabe strut tower brace (front and rear)
SS autochrome 3" exhaust
ebay intake
front and rear sway bars (not sure of the brand)
limited slip
Momo steering wheel
s14 seats and seatbelts
HUD (unfortunately it doesn't work though)
working AC and Heat
CD Player with AUX hook up
Siliva floormats
Sunroof (working!)

Engine runs great, just put in a brand new fuel pump and filter. Oil is changed reguarly. The wreck did not effect the engine at all, the tree only messed up the rear pretty bad as you can see in the pictures. It still drives good, after the wreck I zip tied on the back bumper and drove it from Murfreesboro to Lebanon no problem. Luckily the body is only messed up.

Most of the mods that are done to the car were done by the previous owner which is why I don't know alot of the brands. I was told it had coilovers all the way around, but unfortunatley it does not. Coilovers only in the front, RSR sport springs and struts in the rear. The spoiler got thrown off in the wreck. But I do still have it if wanted. The transmission is still good, never any problems with the clutch.

$2000 obo - will trade for a Subaru WRX or Nissan s14, with of course some more cash on my end.
Any questions or want more pictures just ask
Serious offers only please.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 615-517-0134
ask for Randi


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2k is probably never ever going to happen for the whole car. Your smartest thing would be to part it out. you could probably part it out and ask for stock parts in return and then haul it off the the scrap yard and sell it for the metal and actually end up with the money.
Ill give you $85 for the momo wheel and s14 seats plus ill give you a stock s13 wheel and seats.
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