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FS: WRD Chevlon Mesh

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dope wheels!! How much??
Bump! These wheels are very rare and damn nice!
Some of you may remember, but these are the wheels that Tod Kaneko ran on his Turbo Magazine cover car: 240Z

I've never seen another set besides these.

EDIT: What's the price Homie?
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Nashville said:
dope wheels!! How much??
Do eeet!! they would be SICK on your Hatch
damn if they are 5 lug i would be very interested..
Bolt Pattern is 4x100

Price is $2500, although cash talks.
damn lol im not going from 5lug to 4lug for some rims.. but GL with the sell. dump for baller rims
re format your thread for the classified rules or lock...
Sorry spoolie, reformatted.
So DOPE!!!!! I really wish i had the cash for these!!!!!
wow.. if i got those the wheels would be worth about as much as my car..

mosdef not gettin em
but gl though
uber clean.. i saw these at IA.. i want your lip btw!
Thanks for the kind words about the wheels. The price on them is not absolutely firm, and I am kind of open to trades.

1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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