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FS: Xbox 360, 4 wireless controllers, couple games, Ect.

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Alex Bridges
Springfield, TN
Pm call/text 615 681 8200

Xbox 360 perfect condition
Component cables
Power brick
4 wireless controllers
Charge and play kit
2 mics
Xbl messenger

Halo 3
Gears of war
Ghost recon advanced warfighter
Time shift
NFS carbon
Maybe 1 or 2 more I forget
Memory card

I'm looking for 450 for all. Works perfectly.
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I'd rather not.
I'll even throw in a 36" flat fat tv for a dd. It's a big boy. 720p capable.
s15 seats for tv and everyything else :D
Frank said:
s15 seats for tv and everyything else :D
Sorry Jake. I need cash bad.

Tetro ill get pics tonight.
I'll trade you for a 240 that doesn't run????? cmon you know you want it!!! JKJK bumpity bump
that sarah palin sig turns me on every time
ill trade u a laptop or a sweet ass guitar for xbox and stuff.

I don't need a tv
would you sell just 2 controllers i lost mine
Sorry guys. The only thing I would trade for would be a good daily. Otherwise I need cash.
Here is pictures of the TV... you can see the quarter in the bottom left corner on one of the pictures... just to give you an idea of the size.

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Willing to part this stuff out.... PM me what you want and I'll name a price....
Just sold...

Gears of War
Halo 3
Charge a play kit
and one controller.

So whats left is...

3 wireless controllers - $20 each
GTA 4 - $30
NFS Carbon - $20
Time Shift - $30
Gears of War (I had 2) - $15
Full Xbox 360 System - $200
Intercooler - $10
XBL messenger - $10
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Xbox and tv with EVERYTHING!!!!!! For 450 cash....

I might be interested in the system, you got any mics for live? And its a pro so its got a hard drive right
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