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fs z6 head,eg hood gsr brakes & sr20

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fs gsr brakes & sr20

parts in clarcksville/ im in nashville6
price:eek:bo or trades
pm text or call. 901-288-5344

z6 head sold
eg hatch/coupe fiberglass hood sold
rwd sr20de longblock 100$
gsr rear disc setup 100$

or trades.
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no like a non turbo s13 one.
everything but ebrake cables.
hubs,rotors,calipers,control arms & rear shocks & springs
i dunno, honda & turbo parts, tools, video games, or lil asian girls
maybe trade for some eg suspension parts.
i'f u really want them let me know something with in next few hours cause im in clarksville right now.
im gunna start throwing shit away
what size? & do they come with tires?
1 - 13 of 31 Posts
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