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FT/TW: 95 ex coupe

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Name - Denton Holt
Price -obo or trade
Location Murfreesboro
Contact information - 6156929403

i traded my old car for this in april
nothin too special really but just seein what i could get out of it
its got a d15b7 in it so it saves hella gas
obx header
aem short ram
msd 8.5mm spark plug wires
skunk2 coilovers
apexi catback
and a jager overflow tank that adds like 5 hp
battery has been relocated to the trunk

good: drives and runs great : no problems out of the motor at all since ive had it
semi tucked new jvc radio with usb port
amazing gas mileage.. havent checked it but 15 bucks has lasted me almost a week and i drive a lot
bad: it has been somewhat of a project car so some things arent perfect..
i had 6 12s in the back seat (some ppl saw at ia) but we couldnt get the head liner to go all the way in with the subs in there so we had to cut the back of it a little bit..
a few minor dings here and there with a few scratches..
no a/c or ps
and i was a little careless over the summer and got rear ended so theres a little bit of damage to the rear bumper

ill also throw in an ls block crank pistons and one bent rod. with the oil pan and a z6 head if someone makes a good offer on a trade

just send me some offers and ill consider all of em as long as theyre not crappy
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i think i've seen it many many times right by the auto shoppe on m'boro rd. my dad works there. looks real good!!
how many miles on the chassis/motor?
uhh.. 175 on the body and i think about 120 on the motor
the motor runs like its got 10k on it though
bump son
what you gonna get if you sell it?
idk yet.. ill have to have somethin picked out before i sell it though cuz i cant afford to not have a car for more than like 3 days
how much you looking to get for it?
man i really dont no.. im just tryin to see what i get offered ya no..
if i was offered 3 id prolly say hell yea right there but i doubt thatll happen..
check your pms
its a possibility man.. im at school right now so ill have to look at the pics later these computers suck
haha i feel ya it's blocked here at school too
haha i feel ya it's blocked here at school too
yeh dude school shits gay
u wanna meet up sometime this afternoon?.
im open after 130
i get outta school at 3:25 but i gotta see if my mom can come with me cause her name's on my title and it's her decision sadly. i'll text you this afternoon sometime
if we trade it prolly wont be this afternoon i just wanna check it out
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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