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Funniest Pic EVER on Supra forums...

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This guy was serious about this... OMG this has gone on being funny on SF for years, and it got brought back up today... LOLERS

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am i not gettin something about the license plate or is it cause shes pregnant either way that pregnant skank could get it
The plate has a secret message, you have to look really close.
that they are from alabama so their kid will have 3 arms yet its a girl lol
i stick it in her poop shoot
Wow... that's just stupid.
What thread was that in, somehow I missed it when I was on last night...
When's her due date?
Yea I don't get it...
its a preggo chick posing by a ratty supra with what appears to be an alcoholic beverage in her hand.
then whats the with the license plate?

and if thats the case its kinda stupid cuz poopras aren't the cheapest cars...
What does the license plate frame say?
Tetro said:
it says starts fell on

Stars Fell on Alabama. Not Starts
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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