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garage clean out/honda blow out

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hey i got some stuff im wanting to trade/sell.here is a list of what i got.

.mint gsr leather seats 400 obo.or trade for some fat fives and two factory seats.

.gsr gauge cluster 100 obo
.mint gsr dash minus vin 100 obo
.two mint rota slips brand new tires 150 obo
.pink hx wheels trade for ls mesh or gsr blades 400 obo
.b series greddy turbo kit comes with everything including injectors,all piping,intercooler,bov,downpipe,greddy turbo mani,oil,return line everything.1200 obo
.single cam d16 tranny grinds in 4 and 5th at h rpms $75
.wtt my ls meshs on my car for some gsr blades plus my two rotas

pm for more details thanks


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for some reason it wouldnt let me load all my pictures so if anyone needs pictures please pm me

b series turbo kit...hrmmm ..is it used?
was used a month.brand new there 3200 for a b series gsr which it was on all piping was made for an integra.
damn some good deals there...glws
i especially love the fresh paint on the slips... even made it onto the tire. god luck on the sale...
PM sent about the turbo kit...

PM sent about the turbo kit...
pmed back. come on ppl need this stuff gone i can send pictures of whatever you wanna see.i will also take some rota slips,gsr blades,or drags even knock off slips plus cash on my turbo kit. so some wheels and 8 hundred and its yours

pm sent W/ phone # for the pink hx's
pmed back
pm me how much cash would it take with my rims for your turbo kit.

pm me how much cash would it take with my rims for your turbo kit.
you the one with the gold mesh wheels right ill pm you
Hopefully the turbo kit is sold to me... Waiting on a response...

bump need this stuff gone.i guess i can say the turbo kit is pending with white95hatch
Picking up turbo kit this weekend =)
Picking up turbo kit this weekend =)
yes sir. great guy ppl
updATe added a few more stuff stay tuned for more parts
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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