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Name:Jonathan Ransom
Contact: Post or PM me


Parts will be updated as i find more


2004 TSX K24a2 31k miles on it with a 2002 Type S tranny. Also included
2002 type S Shifter cables and shifter box
Brand new Karcepts TB adapter
2002 Type S TB with sensors
Brand new EXEDY clutch disc
Brand new OEM honda clutch release bearing
2002 type s engine harness and modified charge harness
Brand new OEM honda CRV mount and EP3 idle gear setup.. Asking $4850 will also trade for a good running honda/acura.

Brand new unused Hybrid Racing VER. 3.0 PnP Harness--$325

Brand new Karcepts TB adapter, mounted but unused--SOLD

Brand new unused OBX k20/k24 header--$130

K20a2 complete swap--SOLD

BNIB Avid K swap EG/DC axles--SOLD

BNIB AEM k20 Hybrid Intake--$240+shipping and paypal fees

B Series
JDM B16a Longblock--SOLD

Complete B16a2 swap--SOLD

BRAND NEW OEM HONDA GSR Main Bolts--$50 plus shipping and paypal fees

Brand new in the box eagle rods with upgraded ARP bolts for an LS--SOLD TO siblue_gzer

B18b bare shortblock, comes with crank, main caps, oil pan, windage tray. Needs a bore and hone.--SOLD TO ghettoSi

B18a1 long block, no harness or distributor--SOLD to a friend

B16 ring gear/final drive--SOLD

BRAND NEW ARP head studs for GSR B18c--SOLD TO Audiojb

OBD1 B16 injectors, need new Orings--$20+shipping and paypal fees

LS B18a/b fuel Rail--$15+shipping and paypal fees

B series throttle body- no tps or throttle ear--$20+shipping and paypal fees

B series transmission torque mount--$20+shipping and paypal fees

B series AC bracket/torque mounts(some do not come with mounting bar and rubber mount 1 SOLD TO Fatchance187 1 SOLD TO vtec4max

LS valve covers--$20 each+shipping and paypal fees

ECU’s and parts
HONDATA S100 chip only--SOLD

OBD1 JDM P13 5 speed ECU--SOLD TO MrJasey

VIRGIN P28 ECU--$OLD TO daygo_beanR


H Series
ANYTHING from an H22 bottom end, if you want it I should have it. just pm me.

Brand New OEM Honda H22a4 water pump--SOLD TO Laosakademiks

Brand New OEM Honda H22a4 oil pickup/strainer--$25+shipping and paypal fees

JDM H22 prelude and accord headers and downpipes--Make offer

JDM H22 Auto Transmission 61k miles--$150 picked up

H23 header and downpipe--SOLD TO Ludster

H23 transmission--SOLD

H22 lightweight flywheel, could use a new friction plate--$50+shipping and paypal fees

JDM h22 fuel rails and USDM fuel rails that allow you to bolt your stock fuel line on instead of extending or getting custom.

JDM H22 fuel rails--$15+shipping and paypal fees
USDM H22 fuel rails--$25+shipping and paypal fees

H22 a/c compressor and bracket--1 SOLD TO botlebruiser

H22 power steering pump and bracket--SOLD TO botlebruiser

H23 intake manifold with injectors and throttle body--$35+shipping and paypal fees

Misc. EG, DC, EK, BB
JDM 92-95 civic 4door window visors, NOT OEM--$40+shipping and paypal fees

PEAKBOOST dumptube BRAND NEW--$50+shipping and paypal fees

MSD blaster coil, cap, and wire--$35+shipping and paypal fees

92-95 civic SRS system--SOLD

92-95 civic 2/4dr inner taillights--$5 each+shipping and paypal fees

92-95 civic 4door amber corners--SOLD

IAT sensor 96-00 civic--$15+shipping and paypal fees

OEM and B&M fuel pressure regulators/ silver b&m used 30 miles-- OEM--$10each B&M--$35each

92-96 OEM black floormats--$25+shipping and paypal fees

92-96 OEM black rear sets and leather center MINT--$100+shipping and paypal fees

Prelude 97-01 Taillights, dirty and one crack--SOLD

OBD1 injector harness and cover--$10+shipping and paypal fees

Resistor boxes--$15 each+shipping and paypal fees

Various Sensors--$15 ecah+shipping and paypal fees

Stock D series mounts EG and EK, let me know and ill see if i have it.--$10+shipping and paypal fees

EG A/C lines and condensor and fan-- SOLD

94-01 Integra gauge bezel surround--$15+shipping and paypal fees

94-01 Integra center console black in color, needs a good cleaning. Not in the best of shape but still looks good. $35+shipping and paypal fees

94-01 OEM power mirrors, need paint--$20+shipping and paypal fees

Delsol headlights--$10 each


Who wants a mustache ride
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ant. blue fuel pressure regulator

how much for the antodized blue fuel pressure regulator and what are they for?

Who wants a mustache ride
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Re: ant. blue fuel pressure regulator

Ransom said:
wtf-is-jdm said:
how much for the antodized blue fuel pressure regulator and what are they for?
$35 picked up. It can be used on D, B, and H series engines, so pretty much universal.
is it the same price for the silver one?
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