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Gas It Up!

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So apparently the hurricane is causing oil refineries to shut down in TX because of evacuations and such.

I was told by several that gas is supposed to go up by like a 1.25 by tommorow! :shock:

I thought it was a bit extreme, but customers at work tonight were saying it had already topped 4 dollars tonight in Manchester.

So dunno if this is legit but i filled up a 3.49 tonight!
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shit double post

someone delete this :eek:

sorry guys
i just filled up 4.01 :-(
damn its already happening!

this is gonna blow for a little while

they say people face certain death if they dont leave
Yeah I heard the same stuff. On my way home from work though I noticed I was below a 1/4 tank so I filled up.

The first 3 stations I went to on my way home were completely full at 10 at night! It would be funny if this turned out to be simple rumor. lol
matt paid 4 bucks so i'd say its hardly rumor!
Yeah I guess it is gonna go up, but like you said, maybe not $1.25. At least I hope not.
yea some tables in the restaurant were talking about seeing 4.50 tonight

hope they were exagerating! :thumbdown:
This is stupid speculation. I have heard everything from a 10 cent hike to a 2 dollar hike. I know it is gonna raise but I doubt it has to raise that much.But here is what I just experienced.

I actually needed gas bc I was on empty and I left work to get gas. I pull up to the Mapco in front of Dodge's Chicken in Hendersonville and they are packed..............at 11:10 PM. So I am waiting in line and I look over and this ******* is driving his company car hauler and has his two personal vehicles on the back waiting to fill all of them up. O and then leaving some @ss comes flying into the gas station and almost clips my bumper. I swear some people are just stupid.
I've got a pipeline from Saudi Arabia to my backyard...so I'm cool
I filled up on premium for $3.64 two nights ago. I'm still above full...
true or not if its already over 4 bucks tonight its likely to go up a bit more

which sucks for anyone and everyone

i know on the gulf coast they are talking about 5 bucks a gallon

but still 4 sucks ass
I am going to Gatlinburg tomorrow it sucks for me.
well Im on empty and I can't get gas till tomm.
Oh well...
I got like 1/8 of a tank......damn not getting paid til friday!!!!!!!
i dont get this shit, they say hardly any oil the us uses comes from america, yet a hurricane hits and gas prices skyrocket, while oil prices are dropping, they are just looking for an excuse to rape us
maybe im missing something but gas in mj didnt go up at all???
hasnt changed a bit here in murfreesboro and the guys from work said it didnt change at all in manchester who was it on here that was a smart ass and told me it takesd 2 weeks for any change to take place?? yeah i guess this supports their theory
Yep nothing changed at all in the boro, maybe nashville? The exxon in Nashville right by 9th always seems like $.25 more every time I go by it lol, so that could explain the whole $4 thing..
Last time i checked...we already went waaaay above $4 this year. I know...cuz ive been doing high test all this year. I filled up the other day and it was 4.05. So $4 is no news to me. $5 would hurt, but in the end, i will still need gas, so it wont matter
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