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4x4le said:
pocketmidget said:
I think your a ****** and thats why you dont like religion. Here is how I see it, There is only 1 sin that unforgivable and thats blastfami. Be a ****** all you want and as long as you want forgiven for it your going to heaven. Keep trying to turn people away from their faith and youll surely burn in hell.

As far as gay marrige goes, I dont think they need to allow it and it has nothing to do with the bible. People will surely abuse it. 2 guy that are friends might get married just to get the benefits of it. Then the argument can be made that the government can moniter the people to make sure that they are actually gay but I dont think they should have to spend the money on all that shit. If your 2 people of the same sex, you cant make a family and the benefits of getting married are geared tward 2 people that can have children. Now gays can adopt cant they? Well so can single people and they cant marry themselves so FUCK OFF *******.

Here is how I see it, be gay all you want, it really dont matter to me. Just dont expect everything else that hetrosexual people can have.

wierd, i know this was supposed to be a joke but dumbass posted and i wanted to touch on that, and then I had to say what I felt on gay marrage, sorry
apparently you didn't see the joke either :lol:
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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