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can chicks like cars as much as guys can????

  • its cool that a chick like cars

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  • leave it to the guys

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Re: girl gearheads

julie94 said:
7spike4 said:
StatixNWH said:
Girls that like cars=sexy=I want one

here's a small piece of advice....when you go to car meets, look past the t&a all around you. look for the girls in overalls and really looking over a car like you would.... then approach her and ask if she likes a v6 or v8....

we are out there just have to look past all the eye candy on display.... we have more of a heartbeat than chevy does. oh yeah, we can speak in sentences not twirl our hair and "act" into cars just for the sake of a date.....

well put.... :thumbup: :) I like this chick! lol....
for real! :thumbup: :mrgreen:
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