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gold vs. gunmetal

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gold or gunmetal that is the question

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looking to get new wheels but have to decide between gold of gunmetal if you don't already know look at my garage to see the car the protege will be getting the new shoes

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come on I will be buying the 2night probably give me some opinions
Gold :thumbup:

gold !
gold is the one I am goin with
Gold, FTW..

All the "thugged" african-americans always look. I think the gold attracts them.. lol, thats not supposed to be considered racist either.
Depends on your color of car, but I'm almost 100% in saying gold (however if your car is silver/gray I'd go gunmetal).
i 2nd that....i'd go with gun metal
car is deep blue check my garage the proteg5
then it could go ethier way....personally i would do gun metal...but what do i know...i drive a neon
at least your neon has cool seats! 8)
lol thanks man...
hater! anyways the wifey says should couldn't handle gold it would be "thuggish"
TennSpeed's Opinion > Your Wifes :p (kidding)
1 - 20 of 30 Posts
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