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Google G1

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anyone else have it? mine finally came in yesterday and i love it
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come to toots tonight i wanna mess around with the phone
pft, i promise you, this is the i phone killer. and ill be there adler
What is it?
so this means i can have your old phone right? :lol:
Adam, I do not, at this time, understand the language that you are using...
adam = bragger

lenny....for 25 dollars yes.
Thank you for the translation. I'm hungry and haven't eaten all day. I should probably go do that now...
Waiting for the Sprint Version with Android. Supposed to be out next quarter. All I've heard is that its supposed to have a camera grade cmos sensor - better features than the G1 - keypad and touch - speed and decent memory.
$25 .... tempting ... how bout i pay for BWW tomorrow? :D
So what's different about the sprint one? Tmobile is touch screen and all the too....comes with 1gb mini sd from tmobile and is ran on adroid?

And lenny no trades cash only haha
The G1 is a great phone but it lacks some of the basic integrations of a smart phone that Apple and RIM have mastered albeit so has HTC (the manufacturer of the G1). Not having outlook sync capabilities really killed the phones functions. It’s a great phone but still missing a lot of things that could have made it perfect.Not having internal storage also made the phone rather weak. Its hard to justify a $200 phone that uses 3G and T-Mobile does not offer 3G in the Nashville area with only 1 GB in add on memory and no sync capability unless you have a gmail account. All in all the Iphone and the Blackberry phones beat the G1 hands down like Adam racing Lenny. They may both be cars with 4 wheel and 2 doors. (sorry Lenny). I had the G1 it’s a great phone in design and theory but I feel implementation was not great. Now in regards to the Android OS it’s a great OS and making it Open source will result in tons of new software and I am sure new software will be developed to sync with Outlook and Microsoft Exchange servers. I will wait for the 3rd or Possibly the 4th generation phone using the Android OS before it becomes an Iphone Killer and/or a Blackberry Fighter. Besides its not a one handed phone like the iphone or the blackberrys you have to use 2 hands like most HTC phones its build quality is a little on the flimsy side and it feels like one drop would sever the two pieces permanently ala AT&T Tilt and the T-Mobile Wing (Both made by HTC see the pattern). Good luck Matt Sell it on Ebay for 450 and get an Iphone 16gb or 8gb and let me unlock it and enjoy that. No Iphone No Care. They are by far one of the most functional phones I have ever used and I have had mine over 1 year now and most of you know I am a phone whore….the G1 I had for 1 day and did a beta review and sold it on Ebay….
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but these kids dont care about Outlook or anything ... just text messaging, internetz, and onboard cameras

and once in a while, they use it to call ppl
The iPhones would be awesome if it had a keyboard. I send/receive 5000+ text messages a month and there is no way you can do any form of sufficient typing on a iPhone. Awful awful design.
eh from your standpoint i can see exactly where you coming from amir. you actually use your stuff for business purposes but i just dick around on em. however i will agree that i did like my blackberry better as far as ease of use goes.
Hope it works out for you. My cousin and his wife work for T mobile and they said a ton of problems are being called in about it and it seems to be a hassel

But if yours works out cool deal

They said the Beyond is what they recommend? I guess thats another new phone they have
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