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Google's Chrome: Anyone using it?

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Apparently it got leaked, and its been released sooner than expected:


First impressions? So far, anything Java powered has proven to be remarkably fast. Its fast in general, haven't had any problems yet. I'm really starting to like it, and the incognito mode that has no history, etc.
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Not only is it fast, its fast as shit! Thought I'd clarify.

Pretty weird getting used to the URL bar being used for everything - URLs, searches, etc.
heard about it yesterday on Fox News. Downloaded it yesterday and it seems to work good.
downloading right now
I'll download it later...
I want to use it but its only for winblows :(
I want to try it out when I get home, seems awesome!
oh I like this. Chrome = awesomeness
It is worth downloading to replace FF3?
Tried it, not that impressed. On my rig, Firefox 3 is generally just as fast if not faster on a lot of sites. Some Chrome was faster. I don't like Chrome's interface too much. I don't like the way it handles bookmarks and my biggest problem..... it's blue. My theme is blood red. It doesn't integrate into the theme like FF3 does. AND no add-ons. I like my Ad-Block Plus for FF.

But it's in Beta and may see further improvements and I'll give it this: it uses less memory but for now, I'm stickin to FF3 on the desktop and FF2 on the laptop (Paypal Plug-in isn't FF3 compatible yet).
well get some cheese to go with that wine and go pick the glass out of your vagina, cause for us normal people that dump our money on our rides and not our comps....google chrome is the shit

and the interface is even better if you use hot-keys, I love it

sorry techy, haven't ragged on ya in a little bit, didn't want you to think that I forgot about you
And now I'm on my mom's computer in the other room doing tests and getting the same results. Only this is a 1.3GHz Celeron with 256MB of RAM using a wireless connection. Plus I discovered Chrome doesn't have some of my favorite keyboard shortcuts that make things quicker.

The only advantage I have found that Chrome has over FF3 so far is because it uses less memory, the program itself opens faster...... on an old ass computer with 256MB of RAM.

But again, I reiterate, it's in beta. There could be many improvements to it that might make it better when it's done but for now Firefox is still my browser of choice.
mintygood said:
I want to use it but its only for winblows :(
yeah, that is totally lame. i want it for my macbook.
It definitely feels faster than FF3 to me. The layout is very simple and clean. Not really concerned about the theme colors, etc. I have FF3 and I'll keep using it when I need to, like for the Web Developer Toolkit and little things like that. But for simple browsing, this thing is fast! And you can turn it to browse in incognito mode. Thats -great- for people like me that browse at work when they aren't supposed to.

I'll never have to worry if I forgot to delete my history, or if I remember to run cccleaner again.
Go to Myspace, clear your history in both browsers, and watch how much faster it loads the page when you login, all the friend updates, all that crap. Crazy.
again, for me not any faster. Actually a little slower cause it had to take time to load all those ads my FF doesn't.
Ventolin said:
Pretty weird getting used to the URL bar being used for everything - URLs, searches, etc.
i use my Firefox bar for urls & searches...

im not gonna waste any more HD space with more browsers, and i really hate Google's software although i use google.com all day long

I prefer FF2.

I don't know what I don't like about it. But I'm not too fond.
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