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got rid of the 1g, and now i drive.....

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Just picked her up today!

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Car looks good man, glad you like it.
yessir hope your liking the talon so far :D
Im pming you the address right now.
i envy you ... i wants
Thanks for all the comments guys, Yea I love it! miss the turbo, but I will soon change that :D
did you straight trade for the 1g? or did you buy this? if so, how much $?
just did a straight trade.
i wants 240!
looks good man, i like it.
yeah bout time you come to the drift side.....
lol do u want capones 94 civic gsr coupe? he wants a 240 badly.
I see you've come to the real dark side. We'll def. meet and chill over Thanksgiving or something
Yes! I love the 240, I took some more pictures and will be posting them up after I look through them.

Yea np man, just let me know when you get in town well hit it up!

Idk, I just got the car today.. lol not really looking to trade again.. hah
Welcome to the JDM TYTE side Vance ;)
haha yes yes, you gona drive yours out thursday?
nice...good trade
haha yes yes, you gona drive yours out thursday?
I might
or I may just ride with John again lol
BTW the SE comes with 5lug... its not a conversion. (ur sig)
Just letting yea know. lol
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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