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gsr, ls, ls fs;

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ls crank polished collecting quite a bit of dust 130 cash.

ls engine 140k clean on inside 350 obo. Shrek cleaned outside with oven cleaner. (bad idea)


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still have all this crap. Any body?
still have all this crap. Any body?
100 for them rims???????????
uh no on that one.
with no tires...100 is a deal.
listen to santa claus. lol (spoolie) jk
plus you admitted that it's crap to you anywayz so 100 for that crap is a really good deal
fat fives are gone.
well tell him to save up for a few months and then if I still have them I will sell them to him for 120
I will take 275 cash for the ls engine.

I will take 100 for the polished ls crankshaft.
whens the next time you will be coming my way? i was in smyrna sat morning til like 945, by time you tried to call i was working on my car and couldnt meet you anywhere
I might can see if my friend will pick them up and take them with him. He lives in mt. juliet
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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