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H2B EK Civic...First start-up

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Well tonight...JDMTEG96, Nukefivesix, and myself tinkered on this while ?LS1? (Sam) was at work. We put the motor in JDMTEG's Ek Coupe and over came all the obsticle's to show you the first start up. ;)

Quater Sport Drag Adapter Plate
Innovative Mounts
Kaizam Speed Balance Shift eliminater
ESP Relocater
D-Series Alt.
EGR Block Off Plate (custom)
9lbs Toda Flywheel
Clutch Match FX 400 Clutch
B16 Si Trans
DC Sports Header (custom via. vtecspeed1320 fabs skills)
Chipped ECU (via turbogsxr off hondatech)

Thats it for now, but watch this thread b/c soon there will be some vids of it on the streets. ;)

Hope you enjoy. (hits rev and then comes down at 39 seconds.)

build of the process will come later

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