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I thought I would make this a month early (what?! I like Halloween) because a lot of people are mentioning parties in different threads and I thought it might be easier to keep track if it's in one thread. Post if you are planning a Halloween party and the details. Also, ideas on costumes would be cool because I need them.
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So this may be dorky but I like this costume....

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PhoenixNWH said:
Jeremy Baker is having a party again this year. As I'm sure Wes may already be aware.

I was Sub-Zero last year. I'm not sure what I want to be this year.
yeah he messaged me on myspace and he is sending me an invite I think. I liked it last year but I didn't really know anyone.
jcoosi said:
Red said:
So this may be dorky but I like this costume....

Is that the chick off of Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas except with red hair
Yeah, Sally. Her hair is more brown in the movie with a little red you are right. It would be cool if the boyfriend would go as Jack but he's lame.
Sweet. I should be able to go now that's on the Saturday. Can I bring the boyfriend and a friend?!
1. Jankenshank
2. Red
4. Brandi
sweetdee said:
Amanda, I may just try and catch a ride with you if thats ok since Aaron will more than likely be working :( :( :(
He shouldn't be if it's a Saturday but that's cool with me.
We went to a Halloween/Birthday part Saturday night. i didn't have a costume but my friend Dustin went as Michael Jackson

Him and Wes...note the bandaids on the nose
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Yeah...I'm pretty good at Halloween. I have pretty much mastered it.

Did you see Dustin's photos?
Yeah, apparently in the animated version of Batman the Joker had a girlfriend?! That was who she was supposed to be but that's nothing like what the girl is supposed to look like so it's basically a girl Joker.
No Stacy makes me sad.
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