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FNEG said:
i have a set of projector halos for a 92-95 eg and they came with this wiring harness for them with fuses in line and some relays on it. my question is what is the purpose this wiring harness because the stock head light plug plugs into them and the halos wire strait to constant 12v(or atleast that is what the guy said to me to do with them) and on this set there is an additional turn signal on them that wires into the existing turn signal. right now i have them installed and wired up with the stock plugs and they work fine, will this damage them and blow bulbs or fuse in the long run??
Well first off, I would trash those things just because of the ricer effect it gives you and your car.

BUT... I'll help you out anyways... if you are going to wire the lights yourself, you need to connect it to a SWITCHED 12v source... not a constant. Otherwise, the lights will always be on. And the fuses and relays that are on it are for the HALOS themselves, not the actual headlight, right?
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