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Headlights look so shitty!

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So Im tired of having nasty yellow headlights.....i just put new silverstar bulbs in there today cause my old ones blew and i got pulled over :roll: but got let go with a get your head light fixed and have a good night

But they still look really nasty and have a lot of oxidation....condensation....whatever you call it in them and i was wondering if anyone knew how to clean them bitches up. I heard there was someone on here with a 300zx in the boro who did it............

also after they get cleaned up were gonna try to retro fit some old celica projectors in there and paint the inside black. Cause i looked on e-bay and all i saw were ricer projectors for the lude....i cant seem to find any decent regular old projectors.

so if yall know anyone who can help me get these things cleaned up let me know i would appreciate it.
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wet sand then buff :thumbup: to get them back clear
300zx in the boro = More than likely Mr. Casanova, he is an awesome painter and more than likely did his own lights.

I would say talk to him, I think his name on here is 300zxtt

good luck tho
the best thing I've found is a product called Meguiar's PlastX, clear plastick cleaner and polish. if you have a buffer, powerball or anything like that, put some of the plastX on it and go to town. do it for about 3-4 minutes, and wipe off. repeat until desire finish. I swear but it(as long as your lights are plastic). You can also try the same method with brasso
I bought some for her....and have a powerball

Lets see if she uses it. :lol:
If that doesn't. Do what itsallme said and wetsand them :)

Depends on how bad they are on what grit you should start with, but probably 800 grit
then 1000, 1200, 1500, 1700, 2000
Just wet snd them with 1200 and then 2000 grit with plenty of water. Get them as dull and as smooth as possible. Then you need a nice buffer and some good 3m compound. Go slow and take your time. After a few passes with the buffer they should look really nice. Depending on if the lights have tiny cracks and if any of the discoloring is on the inside of the lens.
easy ... i would do them for you, but i only have sat. off and idk what my plans are

dont use a powerball, it wont do shit ... i have one ... trust me - i used my sander, and 100, 220, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 2000 grit (400 up was wetsanding) and then you have to polish them, but since i dont have a buffer [although now i have access to one] i waxed/polished by hand

i have plastx as well, will only look clean until it dries up unless its just surface dirt - which its not if its like mine ... and considering how bad you say it is, its more than just surface dirt
you got pulled over for what?
Illegal headlights? How... silverstars are freaking awesome... And 100% Legal
her headlight blew, !st post.
mine was pretty bad and used the powerball.
but you did say its pretty bad. if your lights feel like sandpaper go with the sandpaper.
Oh, I didn't read that right. lol
Jose-Aka-Pedro said:
you got pulled over for what?
Illegal headlights? How... silverstars are freaking awesome... And 100% Legal
haha, reading > you
+1 on the plastX. DSM headlights are notorious for yellowing and getting hazy, I use this stuff about every 3-4 months and it makes them look new again.
Plast-X FTW!

Matt hard at work



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wow that stuff works good
yeah the driver side one didnt clean up so well actually....looks like were gonna have to bake them bitches open and clean up the inside.
I used mothers metal polish. It did wonders believe it or not.
yeah wet sand and buff works perfect
No you don't need to bake them open try wetsanding first
i told you it will look good for a short while ...
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