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i'm karen or to my co-workers special k. i live in m'boro& i attend MTSU& majoring in Art Education. i drive a 1997 Ford Thunderbird, you may think it's just another car but it gets me around& picks up real well. i need to tune it up& clean it up a bit but all that takes time with going to school full time& working part time with little hours.

i'm here because of a few people (sarah, tiff& matt). i heard about it from them.

i love motorcycles (victory& honda, not speed bikes), i enjoy painting, drawing, watching movies more than tv but i do enjoy watching dexter, belly dancing, records, butterflies, hello kitty, trying to work out, hot rods, vintage cars (dream cars is a 1957 chevy bel air& a 1958 plymouth fury). i know little about cars but i can change my tire& i kinda know how to change my oil. i know where most things are in my car but i have my boyfriend to guide me. he's the only one i trust under my hood , wink-wink.

i work for a wonderful company in the mall& awesome people.

anyway, thats enough about me. :D

(BTW my typing is horrible! :p)

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soulhaus said:
thank you, i didn't think i'd be greeted so fast.
we are a mostly friendly crowd around these parts. mostly.

welcome to the site. enjoy.
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