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Which wheels?

  • Volk TE37's [rota grids]

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  • Rota Attacks

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  • Fat Fives

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Help me pick out my wheels!

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ok, im trying to decide on what kind of wheels to go with on my integra. ive had 3 sets on recently trying them out and i think i know what im gonna go with, i just want some outside opinions.

option 1: Volk TE37's, 17" bronze. (i would probably end up purchasing rota grids instead)

option 2: Rota Atttacks, 15" gold.

option 3: OE Fat Fives, 15". havent decided on color yet i would want them yet.
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Haha get the VOLKS!!! But seriously you need to find Arnold some bronze attacks so you can get those gold ones. Better yet who's the good person to find wheels???
Well you could always get these!!! I think they'd look "SUPER"!!
gen2_4door said:
Well you could always get these!!! I think they'd look "SUPER"!!
oh yeah. theyd look great...
Haha!! You know it would!! I just remembered this thread on H-T. Check it out, thats what your car needs to look like and what i wish my sedan looked like!!! Well i'll send you the link later i gotta go to class[/url]
volks all the way man. I never have cared for the Attacks and Fat 5's are really plain. If you do get some DC wheels then meshes or blades. They'd look way better. I actually think the meshes would look really good but then again I'm kinda biased.

*Actually the pink Slips would be pretty baller too. :mrgreen:
the Fat Fives are as ugly as my steelies!
the Attacks are just too empty for that car ...

get the Rota Grids in gold tho, not bronze :) i guess bronze is okay too
why don't you break the mold and do something different. Go old school and get some Watanabes....Looks like you have to do some body work anyways roll those fenders and throw some 16X8+0 and negative camber that bitch with a stretched tire now that would be different.

here you go man its motivation:

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Volks FTW.
volks look good but i love those damn wheels that afrikan put up...
TE37's are classic.
Yeah dude fuck Volks get some of those Equips!!!! If i found some i'd buy them in a heartbeat!!! But only the REAL Equips! But i cant stand having knockoff wheels. Just get a set of the knockoff Equip 01s or 02s. (02s are the first ones pictured and 01s are the second) :thumbup:
haha it says censored!!! Here's a couple links to the equip knockoffs on H-T
Volks ftw
rs-tdsm95 said:
real te37s no fakes
Haha damn straight Adler!!!! But Chris needs some Work Equips :thumbup:
na he needs a damn half breed again so we can boost it and see how much his will hold
i really like the first ones...they'd look great on your car
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